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Welcome to Ginnifer Goodwin Central, one of the longest running fan resources and websites for actress Ginnifer Goodwin. Known for roles in Big Love, He's Not that into you and many more, she's currently part of the cast of ABC's Once Upon a Time. Keep checking back for the most up to date news, photos and more on Ginnifer.


A curvy brunette with a charming smile and bubbling confidence, Ginnifer Goodwin has established herself as a star-in-the-making in the early 2000’s. With an impressive pedigree of training and education, Goodwin possesses the skills and talent to become the next big thing. And though she has shared screen time with more famous actresses, like Julia Roberts and Kate Bosworth, Goodwin has used her considerable gifts to separate herself enough to capture the attention of both critics and audiences alike.

Jennifer Michelle Goodwin (her birth given name) was born on May 22nd in 1978. Goodwin fostered her acting bug in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where she attended the Lausanne Collegiate School. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University, while performing in numerous student short films, as well as several college and local stage productions. Goodwin was given the Excellence in Acting: Professional Promise Award by the Bette Davis Foundation and graduated with honors. Soon after leaving BU, Goodwin studied at Stratford-Upon-Avon’s Shakespeare Institute in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Company. As a self-described “Shakespeare nerd” who fell in love with Romeo and Juliet in the fifth grade, Goodwin must have been thrilled. Following the Shakespeare Institute, the budding thespian earned an Acting Shakespeare Certificate from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where she played Joan of Arc, Ophelia in Hamlet and Jessica in The Merchant of Venice.

A return to Boston allowed Goodwin the opportunity to perform at the Huntington Theatre, the leading professional stage in Beantown, where she starred in such productions as “Dead End” and “As You Like It”. Goodwin then moved to New York City and landed a guest role on “Law & Order” (NBC, 1990- ), playing Erica in the Myth of the Fingerprints episode. Goodwin then became a recurring character on “Ed” (NBC, 2000-2004), playing the bookish and cynical outsider, Diane Snyder. Though the recurring role offered steady work, Goodwin soon developed a taste for film after starring in Comedy Central’s first original movie, “Porn ‘n Chicken” (2002). Goodwin played Maya, one of several Yale students who are members of the “Porn ‘n Chicken Club”, a group dedicated to beer, fried chicken and porn. The actress then made her last appearance as Diane Snyder on “Ed” in 2003 in order to focus on films.

Goodwin starred in “Mona Lisa Smile” (2003) opposite such heavy-hitters as Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst and Marcia Gay Harden. Goodwin played Constance Baker, an insecure cellist on scholarship to Wellesley College, whose love life is sabotaged by a mean-spirited friend. While the film’s premise and storyline, a female spin on the familiar “Dead Poets’ Society” model, was predictable, Goodwin more than held her own amidst the star-studded cast. The actress made another star turn in her next film, “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton” (2004), playing best friend Cathy Feely to Bosworth’s Rosalee Futch. Cathy was a one-eighty from Constance, a more racy and daring character. But Goodwin charged into her character with her usual verve, doing a lot of research on Marilyn Monroe, the inspiration for the character. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t fare well at the box office, or with many critics, but Goodwin managed to escape unscathed. The actress then delivered a particularly strong performance in director James Mangold’s biopic “Walk the Line” (2005) playing Vivian, the long-suffering first wife of country music singer Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix), who’s forced to watch her husband grow more distant and give himself over to booze and pills when he falls torturously in love with his fellow performer June Carter (Reese Witherspoon). She now plays “Margene ‘Margie’ Henrickson” in HBO’s “Big Love”, a controversial show about a Utah based family attempting to live their life as secret polygamists in suburban Salt Lake City. The show has now gained a cult like fanbase, returning for a second season and more than likely returning for a third. Ginny will also make her mark in Day Zero (2007), the upcoming drama about three young men forced to deal with their fate, as a war draft has been put into affect. Most recently, Ginnifer signed on to a new project intitled “The Laws of Motion”, a film based around a young man struggling in a repressive home and professional life, as well as making amends for the troubles his free-spirited brother and sister as well as the film “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

  1. Looking forward to next weeks episode. When Emma and Regina figure out what Pan has done to Henry. I hope Pan gets his just deserts. Suggestion Put him with Maleficent and keep him there with her. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rita says:

    This woman is absolutely stunning.

  3. Lily says:

    I’m loving this show! Ginnifer has been terrific as Snow White. From this preview, it looks like the Sherrif is going to be the Huntsman!

  4. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much for these !

  5. Alice says:

    I’m glad to have news about Ginni again. Good luck :)

  6. Anika says:

    Very interesting read, I think their would be a lot of mixed opinions on this. Love the theme that you are using, what is it?

  7. gootermarie says:

    This girl got to meet Ginnifer at a pre-Oscar party. She sounds so sweet! http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2009/02/23/oscar-weekend-2009/

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